Unnatural Death Report (UDR) Cases and Petty Cases

What is UDR or Unnatural Death Report?

If any person dies by means of accident, drowning, snake bite, coming into contact with live electric wire, death due to natural calamities or by committing suicides like hanging, self immolation, jumping into the well, etc, then such a death is termed as unnatural death.  Under Section 174 Cr. P.C. Officer-in-charge of the Police Stations or some other Police Officers, who have been specially empowered by the State Government in this behalf, are required to make an investigation as to the apparent cause of death, in cases where they receive information of that person :
  1. has committed suicide, or
  2. has been killed by another or by an animal or machinery or by an accident, or
  3. has died under circumstances raising a reasonable suspicion that some other person has committed an offence.
The Officer has to submit a report in this regard which is called the Unnatural Death Report.

What are petty cases?

Petty cases mean small street fight, throwing debris, garbages in front of neighbour’s house or near public places, dumping construction materials onto the footpaths, smoking in public places like theatre, hotels etc., parking vehicles in front of other people’s house/ office etc. It is the duty of the public to inform the police immediately, though the petty cases may be small in nature, the consequences will be severe and which may lead to serious law and order problem. All cases dealt with by the police on their own or otherwise, in which FIRs are not sent, FIR but have a separate petty form No.74 which will be submitted to the court.  Police can warn the offenders or he can issue notice to the offender to appear before the court.