Police Verification Certificate (PVC)

How to get Police Verification Certificate (PVC)
  1. Indian Nationals can apply for PVC at single window counter at Office of the Superintendent of Police, Bengaluru – Hyderabad National Highway, Chikkaballapura – 562 101.
  2. The applicants can apply in personal/online by filling his/her personal particulars in the prescribed form along with documents
  3. The applicants must furnish address proof documents for a minimum period of one year from the date of application.
  4. If the applicant has resided in different addresses within the period of one year, then he/she should furnish all address proofs
  5. The applicant should give the police station name correctly
  6. If the applicant is not residing in Chikkaballapura District limits continuously for one year., then he/she has to enclose the police verification certificate issued from the jurisdictional Police Commissioner/Superintendent of Police of the respected state along with the application.
  7. The Private Companies / Corporate Companies / Educational Institutions can approach this office for their employees verification certificates along with the application form, list of employees, requisition letter and specified fees.
  • Please do not approach agents / agencies who claim to offer to get the police verification done.
  • The process of issuing PCC / PVC is done exclusively by Police department only.
  • Agencies claiming to do verification / background verification are not acceptable.
Work Flow Chart For PCC
  • Receive of Application
  • Upload the Application in to the Police IT
  • Applicant will receive SMS
  • On receiving SMS process of verification by jurisdiction Police Station
  • After the verification process juridiction police station upload the data with their Recommended / Not Recommended remarks in to the Police IT
  • On receipt of the report from juridictional police station Your PVC/PCC will be printed and issued
    As per Karnataka Guarantee of services to citizens act this entire above process will be executed in the 21 days

PVC for Indian National Staying at Abroad

As per Karnataka State Government Order No.OE/379/PMS/2014, dated:14-07-2014. The Family members of the applicant can apply for the police clearance certificate on behalf of the applicant, by requesting the SP along with Rs.200/- challan for each address paid at Chikkaballapura City.

Documents Required
Description of Documents for Students Description of Documents for Employee
Passport copy Passport copy
Visa Page Copy Visa Page Copy
Residential address proof Residential address proof
If studying abroad Bonafide certificate from the school Letter from the company HR/Admin Dept.
Authorisation letter Authorisation letter
Copy of the stamp of Departure date Copy of the stamp of Departure date
  • Submit Application in Commissioner of Police Office
  • COP will call for report from jurisdiction police
  • Verification at local Police Station.
  • Local Police will send report to Commissioner of Police
  • Commissioner of Police will send report to ADGP Intelligence
  • ADGP Intelligence will send to Home department Room No.223
  • Home department will issue Certificate after processing the file