Chikkaballapura District Special Branch

The District Special branch is the department involved in the collection of intelligence related information related to the district of Chikkaballapura. Intelligence information is collected regarding political parties, religious institutions and organizations, labour organizations, student organizations and all other major organizations in the district. To some extent information regarding underworld activities and elements, terrorist activities and naxalite activities within the district of Chikkaballapura is collected. The other activities performed by this department are

  • Verification regarding the antecedents of an individual joining as an employee in a government organization is done here
  • Job verification and passport verification is done in this department
  • Special reports are submitted by this department to the concerned police officers in case of incidents like agitation and other law and order problems
  • Security arrangement plans are made in this department in case of events like visits by dignitaries to the Chikkaballapura district. These plans are then executed by the local police


This is a sub section with in the District Special Branch. This department deals with registration of foreigners arriving in the district of Chikkaballapura, if it is so mentioned in the visa of the concerned foreigner. A report of intimation is to be submitted to this department by the local police station regarding arrival of foreigners to the district. Residential permit for foreigners and visa extension is taken care of in this department. In case of death of a foreigner after arrival to Chikkaballapura, reports are sent by this department to the Ministry of external affairs.