Chikkaballapura District Police Control Room

Control room is the nerve center for all communication purposes of the Chikkaballapura district Police. The control room is headed by Superintendent of police of Chikkaballapura district.

It acts as a medium of communication between the Superintendent of Police and his subordinate officers. The communications among the police in Chikkaballapura district is monitored here for 24 hours. The other main functions performed at the control room are

  • Audio teleconferencing is done here whenever required between the Superintendent of Police and the junior officers
  • A tracking station present with in the control room where GPS tracking of all the vehicles owned by the Police of Chikkaballapura district is done
  • In case of an emergency the public can contact the control room by dialing 100 on their phones. The control room then informs about the emergency to the nearest police station from where the call originated
  • Group messages are sent out from the control room in the form of SMS to all police officers in Chikkaballapura district when necessary
  • Fax messages from the Superintendent of police to any police station with in jurisdiction of Chikkaballapura district is sent out from the control room
  • It also helps to establish a wireless communication medium during bandobast, VIP visit or any other important and special occasions which require police security.