Chikkaballapura District Crime Investigation Bureau

Every right goes with a corresponding obligation. Chikkaballapura district Police seeks the help and cooperation of all citizens in its efforts to make the city crime-free, and socially and communally harmonious to facilitate a peaceful and enjoyable life for all citizens and visitors. Every citizen should know her/his jurisdictional Police Station and its telephone numbers. He/she should also:

Inform the nearest Police Station or dial 100 to report on the perpetration of any of the following offenses, falling within the ambit of the Indian Penal code:

  • Against the State or citizens such as an act of terrorism
  • Any suspicious activities in the neighbourhood which may affect their safety and security
  • Against the peace and tranquility of the city
  • Against acts involving corruption, illegal gratification
  • Against adulteration of food stuff and spurious drugs and medicines
  • Against any person involved in murder, grievous injury, kidnapping, robbery, dacoity, theft, etc
  • Against property, such as house trespass, lurking house trespass, mischief against property etc
  • Against criminal breach of trust by public servants. ( It will be the endeavour of the Police to ensure the confidentiality of the informers and to afford to them full protection from any adverse sources)
  • Citizens must cooperate in investigations at times of search and seizure, spot and inquest mahazar etc
  • Citizens are encouraged to request for verification of antecedents of domestic helps before employing unknown persons.